Five ways to reuse your old jute shopping bag

Five ways to reuse your old jute shopping bag

Don’t dispose of your old bag! There are plenty of ways you can keep it in use and prolong it's life. Your jute bag will last a long, long time. However, if it does eventually get a bit scruffy or if you have one with a plastic lining that starts to separate from the jute, here are five ideas to keep it working for you.

1. Is your kitchen work surface filled with recycling?

Why not hide an older bag in a kitchen cupboard or under the sink. Fill it with all your recycling items once they are washed and then when it’s full you can take it out to your recycling area to sort. That way you don’t have items cluttering up your kitchen waiting for someone to go out to the bins. 

2. Need extra space for growing veggies?

Turn it into a grow bag. It can be filled with soil, just put a couple of drainage holes in the bottom and it’s good to plant up with potatoes, tomatoes or anything that takes your fancy. The great thing about this is that it can sit on a concrete area or any unsuitable soil and turn the area into something productive, or plant with flowers to brighten up the area. Plant up a whole row of bags.
The kids will love it! 


3 . Is your wardrobe jam packed with out of season clothes?

Use your old bag for storage. Place the out of season items in the bag an
d tuck away on the top shelf or in the loft until they are needed again. Free up the space for things you will be needing in the short term.


4. Do you need to have a sort out?

If you are clearing out clothes or any items that can go to the charity shop, fill a bag and take it along. Maybe they can reuse the bag again as well and keep it going round – the perfect circular economy.


5. Don’t want the kids toys all over the living room floor?

Make it a toy bag. The great thing about lined jute bags is that they stand up on their own. If yours still has the structure it will sit in a corner somewhere and be easy for kids to put their toys away in. They could add some decoration or paint their name on it and make tidying up fun. It will be easy for them to carry from room to room as well.

Got any great ideas? We’d love to hear what you have done with your old bag!
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