About Us

Our Story

Simply Jute Ltd are innovative suppliers of quality bags and packaging from certified manufacturing partners.

10 years ago, friends and colleagues Melanie and Sandra set up Simply Jute Ltd to encourage supermarkets to offer an everyday affordable alternative to plastic bags and are happy to have played a part in the introduction of reusable bags and subsequent ban on single use plastic bags.

They now lead the way with a growing range of stocked bags, packaging options, and offer bespoke printed bags, with a strong focus on sustainable materials, especially jute and cotton.

For over a decade now, the needs of each customer have been assessed and the perfect bag offered according to budget and ethics.

With excellent customer service and quality products, Simply Jute ensure that happy customers return time after time.

Simply Jute is taking responsibility for the end of life of all products and encouraging others to do the same.

Mission Statement

To be the most forward thinking supplier and provide the perfect option for bags for our customers through quality, choice, value and sustainability.

Our Values

Products - we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, using the best materials from our trusted manufacturers.

Manufacturers - we are committed to meeting worldwide ethical standards and our overseas partners are SEDEX registered to ensure responsible trade and continuous improvement. We have visited our manufacturers premises and have a good relationship with them.

Advice - our experience in the business allows us to share our knowledge and advise you accordingly, ensuring you get the best product for your budget. 

Innovation - we are already looking at the next steps in sustainable reusable bags and will share these with you as soon as possible.

Melanie and Sandra, Simply Jute LTD, the natural choice for bags.